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Established in 1976, Avant Underwriters (AU) is a managing general underwriter (MGU) providing nationwide truck insurance coverage through our select network of independent insurance agencies.

Our in-house marketing, underwriting authority and policy issuance offers the talent, performance and profile of a national insurer – all delivered with personalized care. Stable products, revenue growth and underwriting profits will continue to be our committed goal.

  • Invention: AU was built on creative vision, having developed the first Non-Trucking Liability product in the marketplace.
  • Longevity: AU represents the longest running, continuously-operated Non-Trucking Liability program in the industry.
  • Staff: Seasoned, dedicated decision makers with niche expertise and industry insight.
  • Structure: A singular source, solution based company, re-energizing the culture on which it was born.

AU will continue to expand and broaden our product offerings, with an on-going focus of solving the needs of our agents and their transportation clients.


Non-Trucking Liability ◾ Bobtail ◾ Unladen ◾ Physical Damage ◾ Truck Plus Physical Endorsement provides: Downtime, Diminishing Deductible, Tarps, Chains, and Binders, Personal Effects, Single Deductible, GAP ◾ Occupational Accident ◾ Contingent Liability ◾ Workers’ Compensation ◾ Cargo ◾ Contingent Freight Broker Coverages ◾ Visit our website for more